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Your Mindfulness Practice Results Are:

Quiz - Mindful Journaling | Katharine Chestnut

Let’s consider what that means:

Mindful Journaling | Katharine Chestnut

Yes, mindful journaling can help you deal with feelings of overwhelm and burnout, help you nurture your personal growth and enhance your overall well-being. This practice is interactive, enabling you to connect with yourself and your needs in ways that other self-care practices may not offer.

You can explore your unique personality and lifestyle and how it affects your mindfulness practice, allowing for deep personal insights. The primary goal, however, is to reduce stress and anxiety, find balance and clarity, and cultivate mindfulness in your daily life.

Key Characteristics:




Being insightful involves deep understanding and valuable perspectives. Mindful journaling cultivates insightfulness through self-reflection, present awareness, and exploring thoughts and emotions for self-understanding.

Transformation involves embracing change and growth to become our best selves. Mindful journaling fosters transformation by encouraging self-reflection, uncovering limiting beliefs, and cultivating self-awareness for personal growth and creating an authentic life.

Being empowered involves self-confidence, control over life choices, and recognizing personal strengths. Mindful journaling fosters empowerment through self-reflection, deepening self-awareness, and tapping into inner wisdom for personal growth.

Mindful journaling prompts especially for you.

What sensations and emotions do I notice, and how can I describe them objectively?

What patterns do my recent thoughts reveal about my mindset or life circumstances?

What grounds me, and how can I incorporate it daily?

Want to learn how Mindful Journaling can enhance your life?

The Mindful Living Journaling Course may your answer!

Mindful Journaling Course | Katharine Chestnut

Have you been seeking peace, clarity, and a meaningful daily life, but aren’t sure how to start with self-care practices?

Find out in the Affirm Your Way To Mindful Living: The Journaling Quick Start Course.

This comprehensive training breaks down the benefits of mindful journaling and offers tips for integrating this practice into your busy, yet fulfilling life.

  • Online course for beginner and experienced journalers
  • Helps to connect with inner wisdom
  • Learn to trust your own messages
  • Quick and easy way to start journaling
    • You can complete this course in less than 2 hours, but you’ll be able to use the principles in your mindful journaling practice for the rest of your life.

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back any longer; start your journaling journey today and experience the power of connecting with your inner wisdom.

Regularly $27

Just $7 for you right now!

Oh hello! 

I’m Katharine and I bring over 30 years of experience as a busy (and stressed) professional.

I’ve been championing mindfulness and self-care for as long as I can remember! I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in journaling as a mindfulness practice, to help you connect with your inner self and cultivate a more meaningful life.

Let me show you how to amplify your life using mindful journaling!

Learn more about me here.

Katharine Chestnut

What You Get:

  • Immediate access
  • 4 in-depth training videos with worksheets to support you
  • Lifetime access
  • Any updates or improvements

What You Won’t Get:

  • Recurring costs or direct access to me (unless you want to join the Mindful Life membership – in which case all courses, challenges and support from me and our Mindful Life community is included).
Kiri Rawson | Business Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs

“Whether you are new or highly experienced journaling, Katharine will help you get deeper, more meaningful affirmations, questions and answers in your writings.”

Kiri Rawson

Business Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs