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Your Mindfulness Practice Results Are:

Mindful Movement | Katharine Chestnut

Let’s consider what that means:

What Is Active Meditation? | Katharine Chestnut

Mindfulness can sometimes seem a bit intimidating to the uninitiated, but did you know that a practice as simple as mindful movement can have a profound impact on your mental health and well-being? As a busy professional or a compassionate soul, you’re constantly juggling responsibilities and often forget to take time for yourself. But guess what? You absolutely deserve that time.

Mindful movement is a gentle way to reconnect with your physicality and surroundings, promoting improved self-awareness and nurturing personal growth.

Key Characteristics:




As you move with full consciousness, you strengthen your ability to stay anchored in the present moment rather than caught up in mental narratives. Over time, this embodied mindfulness nurtures an unshakable sense of being grounded in your essential self.

Stagnant or stale energies begin flowing freely again as you oxygenate your cells and awaken your muscles. You’ll finish feeling grounded yet vibrantly alive – embodying a state of natural, enduring, clean energy to bring your best to all you do.

Each breath, each intentional motion acts like a releasing solvent, untangling knots of physical, mental and emotional holding patterns. You create spaciousness for what wants to be felt, expressed and integrated from your depths.

Guided active meditations to get you started

Are you ready to ditch the false solutions, stop pushing through the stress, and start taking care of yourself?

Walking in Nature Awareness Meditation | Katharine Chestnut

Are you grappling with the stress and exhaustion from a relentless professional life? Try any one of my mindfulness practices or audio courses.

Adopt the “Self-Care is Essential” belief.

  • Incorporate mindfulness into your routine (even if you only have a minute to spare!)
  • An endless array of mindfulness techniques allows you to select the one that suits your current needs
  • As the noise of your busy life fades away, clarity and peace emerge.
  • You realize that life is transient; every breath and every moment is a precious gift.

Through mindful movement, you strengthen not just you body but also your mind. It gives you clarity to meet challenges with poise.

Most of my meditations are free.

Yes, free!

Oh hello! 

I’m Katharine and I bring over 30 years of experience as a busy (and stressed) professional.

I’ve been advocating for mindfulness and personal development for as long as I can remember! With my deep knowledge and experience, particularly in mindful movement as a mindful practice, I aim to help you reconnect with yourself and create a more fulfilling life.

Allow me to guide you on how to elevate your life using mindful movement!

Learn more about me here.

Katharine Chestnut

What You Get:

  • Immediate access
  • Always free (unless you upgrade your plan)
  • Any updates or improvements

What You Won’t Get:

  • A generic, one-size-fits-all solution
  • Direct access to stress and burnout

“Helped to keep my mind present and not lost in the day’s list of work, errands, and chores.”