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Dare To Own You

Dare To Own You | Liz Brunner

Dare To Own You

Dare To Own You by Liz Brunner is a powerful and inspiring memoir that offers practical tools for personal transformation. The book weaves together Brunner’s own story of determination, perseverance, faith, and trust with practical advice for readers to take ownership of their lives and pursue their dreams. I found it interesting to read about how she reflects on the risks she has taken, the obstacles she’s overcome, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

According to the book’s reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, Dare To Own You is a must-read for anyone looking to make a career change or seeking personal growth. The book has been praised for its authenticity, practicality, and powerful storytelling. The book has also been recommended by Forbes, with Caroline Ceniza-Levine calling it a “teaching memoir” that can jumpstart readers’ career change journeys.

Having gone through several of my own career changes, I would say offers practical tools and inspiring stories that can help you to take ownership of your life. Go forth and pursue your dreams with confidence and determination!