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Inner Affirmations


Create a richer, more satisfying life through mindful journaling — even if you’ve always struggled to keep a writing habit.

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Create a richer, more satisfying life through mindful journaling — even if you’ve always struggled to keep a writing habit.

Can’t seem to keep up with your journaling practice, even though you know it has big benefits?

Adopting better habits is hard, but it’s been proven time and again that the returns on a consistent journaling practice are pretty powerful.

If you’ve ever looked up at your life and wondered, “How the hell did I get here,” then you’re probably close to where I was. Only a few years ago, I spent my days battling through bouts of depression and PTSD, while trying to navigate a relationship with a covert narcissist.

Not the brightest days for me! I knew I could turn things around. I’m a badass! I’m a Diamond-Certified CTSM, successful marketer, speaker, and business owner. At the time, my self-doubt overwhelmed me, but I knew in my core that I was capable of so much more.

I only knew that because I journaled about it. I have my own method of journaling — a method that I know truly saved my life.

My writing practice has helped me process my trauma, and over the years, I’ve pulled from different tools and mindfulness exercises to develop my own Inner Affirmations journaling method. This book is a guide to developing your own journaling practice — one that you’ll actually stick with. Yes, even through struggles, frenzies, and darker times. Why? Because the benefits of journaling this way are truly that impactful. You’ll start to understand the benefits of an Inner Affirmations practice, but only if you’re open to its inspiration. Here’s what else you’ll get in this book!

  • Accessible, easy-to-adopt suggestions and tools for daily journaling
  • Mindfulness practice to establish a foundation for self-improvement
  • Ideas and exercises to guide your personal journaling practice
  • Step-by-step instructions on creating a ritual for your journaling time

There are a multitude of studies that support what we’ve already known about mindfulness and journaling — the results are impressive, and the benefits are many. And we need more of that kind of intentional self-care today. Why not get started now? Order your copy of Inner Affirmations by clicking “add to cart.”

I’m looking forward to going on this mindfulness journey with you!

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