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Teachings Of Abraham Well-Being Cards

The Teachings of Abraham Well-Being Cards | Esther and Jerry Hicks

Teachings Of Abraham Well-Being Cards

If you have ever joined me on my Insight Timer Live session each week, you know that I like oracle cards. I have several decks and regularly use them to inspire my journal writing. While I do have a favorite set, I branch out and use the others too. The Well-Being Cards from Esther and Jerry Hicks calls to me from time to time. I always enjoy using them. If you aren’t familiar with with any of their work, I recommend starting with Ask and It Is Given.

The first thing I love about the Well-Being oracle cards is that each card feels really good in your hand. The size, shape, weight, stiffness and texture only add to the experience. The artwork on each is distinctive and beautifully supports the message given.

That leads me to the the second reason to enjoy these cards, the messages within. One side of each card delivers a statement, expressing a spiritual idea or gem of wisdom. The other side of the card goes a bit further to explain and provide more insight. The messages are short and sweet. All you need to be inspired.

The whole set is clearly made with thoughtful intention.

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