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Insight Timer

Insight Timer

Insight Timer

I was fortunate to find Insight Timer when I needed it most. I had struggled to meditate for years until I discovered the guided meditations here. Insight Timer is the world’s largest FREE library of more than 90k guided meditations, 11k teachers & the world’s most loved meditation timer.

Katharine A. Chestnut
Katharine Chestnut hosts live meditations and has an extensive library of meditations on Insight Timer.

Since I was deep in the process of recovering from narcissistic abuse, I was looking for meditations that would guide me. I found some, but not many meditations that specifically covered some of the things I was dealing with at the time. That was when I decided to start creating my own guided meditations.

Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve created over 20 meditations. I branched out from my original purpose some time ago and found that I enjoy the creation. Not to mention all the lovely messages I get from kind listeners.

There are plenty of other meditation apps and Insight Timer is free, all the time.