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Mutant Message Down Under

Mutant Message Down Under

Mutant Message Down Under

I hesitated to put this here because of, well, rocks being thrown at me. But here goes anyway.

I read this book (and the follow up one Mutant Message From Forever) more than 20 years ago. I noticed the pair on my bookshelf recently and, recalling them fondly, decided to re-read the original. I remembered that reading the simple, powerful message of relaxing into the Universe was one that I needed to hear at the time. Learning to trust what was right for me was a big lesson then for me (still learning it too).

As I was reading, this sentence jumped out at me, ‘You cannot hear the voice of ONENESS when you are busy talking‘. That was a friendly reminder from the Universe of my intention for 2022: listen deeply with love.

No, the writing in the book wasn’t great but the message was there that I needed to hear. Yes, I did realize it then and continues to be fiction. Yes, I have since learned that many aboriginal peoples have taken offense to the book.

So make what you want of all that and make your own choice it you want to read it.