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Mindful Life FAQs

Where should I start?

To make the most of The Mindful Life, I suggest starting in one of two places. If you haven’t read Inner Affirmations, that’s a great start. The book walks you through in detail my particular form of mindful journaling. It is filled with exercises to make the most of your writing. OR, you can watch the Affirm Your Way to Mindful Living: The Journaling Quick Start Course in the member portal.

What if I don’t know how to be mindful?

By following four simple steps – getting comfortable, focusing on the breath, expanding attention, and accepting what arises – anyone can start a mindfulness practice that reduces anxiety and cultivates peace and presence.

Will the Mindful Life help me find practical ways to prioritize self-care amidst a busy schedule?

You bet! We all have demands that can sidetrack our own self care. Even if you only carve out 5 minutes a day, it makes a difference. 

Do I have to work on this everyday?

Heavens no! However, regular daily practice, even if just for a few minutes, helps cultivate mindfulness as a habit that pays benefits over the long-term by reducing stress and increasing focus, peace of mind, and self-awareness. Sometimes that all I have time for myself.

I already meditate everyday, isn’t that enough?

Sure, but I’m thinking that you joined The Mindful Life looking for other ways to practice mindfulness. Once I started considering it, I realized that mindfulness takes many forms. You’ll get new ways to play with mindfulness here and I highly recommend engaging with the community in our Slack group.

How can you help me minimize distractions and stay focused on what truly matters?

You’ll learn mindfulness techniques and meditation practices to train your attention and stay present. Practices like breath awareness and body scans can help you notice and let go of distractions more easily.

How can The Mindful Life help me with my struggles of overwhelm?

Oh boy, do I feel that! I have balanced career, family, business, relationship and more over the years. There have been many times I didn’t know what to do other than work and minimize sleep and self care. As that thinking took it’s toll, I slowly looked for ways to prioritize myself. My mindfulness practices started long before I had a name for them. You’ll find the best ways for your self care as you try out the Mindful Life activities. 

Will this membership provide resource to help me recover from abuse?

Yes, you’ll see book recommendations and blog posts that address this issue since I am a narcissistic abuse survivor. As you move through your healing, whatever kind it is, you’ll discover that focusing on yourself is the best cure.

Tell me more about the challenges?

I’m very excited about the challenges! My current plan is to have the self love challenge in February, journaling in May, empowerment in August and mediation in October. That’s just for the first year. I’m sure I get more feedback and ideas from you during that time.

Will The Mindful Life help me set realistic expectations and find balance?

Mindfulness practices teach techniques like acceptance – letting go of unrealistic “shoulds” – which supports a balanced, healthy approach to life and work.

How can this support me in creating meaningful rituals that enhance my overall well-being?

Community forums allow you to share rituals with others and get feedback on your ideas. You can also be inspired by the rituals other members have created.

Which one of your books should I read first?

Inner Affirmations most definitely! The book walks you through in detail Katharine’s form of mindful journaling. It is filled with exercises to make the most of your writing.

How can I listen to your meditations or audio courses?

All of my meditations are available on Insight Timer (most are free), the #1 free app for meditations and well-being along with my YouTube channel. Whenever you get a link for one of my meditations, it will be be to Insight Timer. I encourage you to listen to other teachers on Insight Timer too. I’ve been using the app daily since 2018.

I love your content and want to get to know you better.

Try something smaller like course or challenge.

Need More Help?

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