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Questa meditazione ti incoraggia a liberare le paure suggerite dal dubbio personale causato dall'abuso emotivo narcisistico. Pratica l'amor proprio e la cura lasciando andare la paura del cambiamento e lascia che la luce dentro di te brilli luminosa. Abbandona la

When recovering from narcissistic abuse, going No Contact is an important part of healing.By letting go and taking responsibility, you can heal your unhealed wounds. When you are a full and healthy Source to yourself, you no longer give energy

Emotions create vibration. When we are manipulated through narcissistic emotional abuse, our self doubt and fear blocks our emotional vibrations. This practice reassures you as you accept these self-limiting beliefs as an opportunity for growth and healing. As you embrace

Scientific evidence suggests the purr of a cat can be beneficial to healing humans. A cat’s purr frequency is exactly 26 Hertz and corresponds with the frequency that scientists use in vibrational therapies. The purr of a cat can lower