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Journaling Intention | Katharine Chestnut

Four Steps to Better Intention Setting

Rather than utilizing traditional New Year resolutions, I prefer to set an intention (or several) for the year. This way, I’m able to focus on the feeling that I want to have at the end of the year and make decisions about how I want to show up in my life without getting stuck in a checklist mentality.

First, let’s consider the difference between resolutions, goals and intentions.


Resolutions are unbending. There is no in between. Sadly, 35% of people who do not reach their goals do so because they had unrealistic expectations. However, if resolutions are complemented with…. success becomes more attainable.

However, success is more achievable with resolutions are combined with…


A desired outcome is your goal. It is a purpose, an endpoint. Desired outcomes can be short or long-term. Establishing and accomplishing desired outcomes can provide a feeling of fulfillment while keeping you inspired and concentrated. As opposed to forming resolutions, it can be more advantageous to concentrate on minor, attainable daily goals and to reward yourself for achieving those goals. By taking things step by step, it can be much simpler to make enduring modifications and reach your long-term desired outcomes.

Prior to goals, I start with…

Setting the Best Intentions | Katharine Chestnut


A intention is something that you strive to achieve. It requires dedication and focus to direct your thoughts and activities towards what you want to accomplish or gain. Intention setting can be used as a roadmap to help guide your life and bring about the results you desire. Set intentions that can aid in achieving your aspirations and constructing the life you desire to lead.

While intentions are usually loftier, they are more likely to be wide-open and uncertain. Intentionality has more of an emphasis on attitude or mindset. Here lies the potential for transformative magic especially when intentions align with our desire.


A desire is a strong feeling of wanting something. It is an emotional state that motivates an individual to act in order to achieve a specific goal. Desires can be positive or negative (see shaming above), and they can range in intensity from a passing thought to a burning passion. Having desires is a normal part of the human experience and can be a powerful source of motivation.

How To Connect With Your Inner Desires

I like to start with journaling my desires for the new year. And not just any journaling, because, as we all know, our ego likes to be in charge. If I just start writing, I get what I expect and that usually revolves around plenty of ‘shoulds’.

I use the Inner Affirmations method of journaling since I can get to the core of what my true desires are in short order. Using this mindful way of journaling, allows me to hear what my inner wisdom wants to tell me.

I start by asking, ‘what do I want in 2023’? And let my writing flow. There are no wrong answers to the question and I can feel the truth in the words on the page. I also ask the question, ‘what roadblocks have I put in my path to achieving my desires’? Again, their is no right or wrong answers, just enlightenment as you discover how to listen.

Four Steps to Better Intention Setting

  1. Journal Your Desires (and Blockers) – Using your Inner Affirmations journaling to hear your inner wisdom. Let your emotions guide you to the experiences you desire over the next 12 months and how they align with your values. 
  2. Plan Your Goals – Brainstorm potential actions that could help you achieve those feelings and experiences. Consider activities and plans that could bring you closer to this feeling state. Set your intentions along with realistic timelines for short and long-term goals.
  3. Execute and Affirm – Complete your tasks, track completion & create Inner Affirmations to support your journey.
  4. Reflect and Revise – Reflect on your progress and adjust accordingly. Check in with yourself regularly throughout the year and adjust your plans as necessary!

And breathe…

Since you’ve taken the time to come from a deeper, internal place, your intentions and goals will keep you focused on what you really desire. 

Very few people take the time to dig deep and figure out what they value but if you go through the steps and set your own intentions this New Year, you are well on your way to success.